I couldn't find the best answer to your first question. However you can define multiple datasets with no intersection and use different colours (see the point 2) for that one.

For the second one when you define colours, as you are already doing it in your code:

chartColors: [{
    backgroundColor: 'rgba(25,10,24,0.2)',
    borderColor: 'rgba(225,10,24,0.2)',
    pointBackgroundColor: 'rgba(225,10,24,0.2)',
    pointBorderColor: '#fff',
    pointHoverBackgroundColor: '#fff',
    pointHoverBorderColor: 'rgba(225,10,24,0.2)'

The last number in rgba is the opacity. For having different colours the option is to define multiple datasets, otherwise it randomises the colours and you won't get mixed ones. A plunker here:

For the last question regarding getting the value of x-axis, look at the event which is logged to console on bounded events.

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