ceiling fan power consumption | table fan power consumption

Ceiling fan power consumption or Table fan power consumption

If you are thinking of buying a fan?and you don’t know how much electricity does a fan use per hour?then you are in right place.

A ceiling fan is a useful and popular household appliances. Average power consumption of 36 inches to 56 inches  ceiling fan is 55 to 100 watts,48 inch ceiling fan will use 75 watts.

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For the air in the room we take help of sealing fan.We control the temperature of the house from the ceiling fan.The ability of the ceiling fan to air depend on its coil, motor, condenser and size of the blade Etc.

Speed Ceiling Fan Wattage
1 16 Watts
2 27 Watts
3 45 Watts
4 55 Watts
5 75 Watts

Chair or table fan

A pedestal or table fan is in a standing position whose diameter is limited or you can say less.
Due to limited diameter, he is able to produce the air in limited room space.but with ‘rotating’ or ‘swing’ options, it can increase the base of air operations. Rotation with the central road allows them to cover more areas, but due to this, it also causes intermittent wind movement in different directions, which may create some problems. They are usually kept in a  corner inside the room or in a particular place in the room.But, if the room is big, the air produced by them usually cannot reach all the places. During a domestic audit conducted by the US, we found that a normal chair or table fan was
consuming power between 45-55 watts at different speeds.

ceiling fans

ceiling fans are available in various diameters(or Sweeps). Sweeps determine the total area of ​​the ceiling fan.
The most available regular ceiling fans in the market usually have 1200 mm area of ​​influence.
Usually, ceiling fans cover a larger area because they fitted in the center of the room.
So most common ceiling fans available in the market, usually consume 70-85 watts of electricity. The ceiling fans whose impact area or diameter is less, their wattage is similar to the table fan.
The ceiling fans have a large market, they are used in homes and offices, due to which more attention is given to them in terms of improvement in technology. This is the reason that the ceiling fan’s wattage is decreasing on the basis of every day. hopefully, they are more efficient in the future. There is not a big market of other types of fans, it is probably the main reason that the fan maker is not taking much interest in improving their technology.
In the US and cold countries, 4-blade fans are used as supplements of air conditioners (ACs), which aims to spread AC air into the entire room.
Since the 4-blade fan runs slower than a 3-blade fan, the work becomes easy because of them.
Whereas the fan is used only for cold air in India. Since the 3-blade fan is light and fast, therefore the 3-blade fan is used much in Warm countries.

Apart from enjoying the fan’s air, take care of it. Keep oiling at the right time. Do not run continuously for long.So that the hot motor got a chance to cool down. Along with this, electricity will also be saved. Cleaning of the fan is also important, because dust blades make its blades heavy.

Sealing fan is very cheap compared to the air conditioner.They consume very small Energy as compared to the air conditioner.If you feeling relax using ceiling fan during hot season then you can save lot of energy and money.If you are not in the room then don’t forget about turn off the fan.
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