Accepted answer
select *,
       (select top 1 Baz from table2 where Foo = t1.Foo and Qux = 'A') as value1
from table1 t1;
Accepted answer

apply join between two talbes and than you can apply your where clause will do work for you

select column1 from table1 
   inner join table2 on table1.column = table2.column
   where table2.columne=0
    t2.Baz AS value1
FROM table1 t1
INNER JOIN table2 t2
    ON t1.Foo = t2.Foo
    t2.Qux = 'A';
ELECT column1 FROM table1 t1
where exists (select 1 from table2 t2 
    where = t2.table1_id and t2.column2 = '0')

table1_id in table2 is a foreign key refering to id of table1 which is the primary key