Accepted answer

 producing random numbers within a range

ou can try

//for integers
Random r = new Random();
int rInt = r.Next(0, 100);

//for doubles
int range = 100;
double rDouble = r.NextDouble()* range;

You can Try below code also

Random rnd = new Random();
int month = rnd.Next(1, 11); // creates a number between 1 and 10
int dice = rnd.Next(1, 8); // creates a number between 1 and 7
int card = rnd.Next(51); // creates a number between 0 and 50


Random r = new Random();
 int x= r.Next(10);//Max range

new Random() it is initialized. This means that in a tight loop you get the same value lots of times. You should keep a single Random instance and keep using Next on the same instance.

//Function to get random number
private static readonly Random getrandom = new Random();

public static int GetRandomNumber(int min, int max)
    lock(getrandom) // synchronize
        return getrandom.Next(min, max);

methods that generate random numbers which help for various purposes. I hope this may help you too:

public class RandomGenerator  
    public int RandomNumber(int min, int max)  
        var random = new Random();  
        return random.Next(min, max);  

    public string RandomString(int size, bool lowerCase)  
        var builder = new StringBuilder();  
        var random  = new Random();  
        char ch;  

        for (int i = 0; i < size; i++)  
            ch = Convert.ToChar(Convert.ToInt32(Math.Floor(26 * random.NextDouble() + 65)));  

        if (lowerCase)  
            return builder.ToString().ToLower();  
        return builder.ToString();