One of the sectors in the world with the fastest rate of growth is software development. Software development teams are required by an increasing number of companies and organizations each year to create unique systems and applications. However, selecting the best developers to hire is becoming more difficult due to the increased demand.

What Is Grails?

Let's understand first "what is grails". Java-based Grails is the name of the Aprache Groovy programming language and Java-based web application framework.

The classic model-view-controller (MVC) software architecture is implemented by Grails. This divides concerns between the model (bussines model) and view (graphical interface), making Grails more effective in accelerating development. Data is transformed from the model to the view and back again.

Grails makes it simple to develop web apps. It provides standard code, including tag libraries, controllers, and services, which offer features like security and login.

Grails is a feature-rich framework that is simple to expand via plugins. Grails offers a plethora of functionality, including support for web services, REST, AJAX and GSP, and speedier online application creation.

Hibernate and Spring are two other frameworks that can be connected with Grails. Since you can use any Java framework in its place, Grails does not require the use of these frameworks.

Grails can be executed in the JVM or within an Apache Tomcat container. It makes it simple to arrange your application logic using appropriate frameworks, such as controllers and domain classes. In order to interface with distant web services via their WSDL files, it also lets you establish service endpoints.

Creating a website using Grails is simple and quick. Additionally, it includes a scaffolding tool that lets you quickly and automatically create pages for your domain objects.

Grails is a web framework that lets you use the Groovy programming language to construct web applications. Because Grails use the convention-over-configuration paradigm, defining conventions rather than creating configuration files is how much of your application is configured.

Grails is a Java development environment that is intended to be more productive than conventional ones. Several characteristics of Grails enable quick development to accomplish this.

1.  We can utilize a command-line interface with auto-completion as an alternative to Eclipse.

2.  Reaching completion.

3.    GSP (Groovy Server Page) and other template engines are important for rapidly creating web pages.

4.    Applications can have more functionality added to them with the help of a plugin system.

5.    A useful scaffolding feature that produces code rapidly. In order to construct web-backed apps, this involves database CRUD.

6.    An implementation of the active record domain class using Hibernate.

7.    Unit integration, functional testing, and smoke testing are supported by a fully integrated testing environment.

8.    Static files inside WAR files are served by an optional static content service.

9.    Integration with Maven and the Apache Ant build tools.

A Win-Win Situation for Hiring a Web Developer?

Not everyone who has a website or blog on multiple platforms is successful. They appoint an expert in the field who can finish the task flawlessly. Their chances of success are higher.

The Top 5 Strategies for Hiring Software Developers

1.   Request Referrals

Prosper from the unreported employment market. Inform your personal network and staff that you're looking to recruit a software developer. It's likely that someone may suggest a few prospective applicants.

2.   Sign up for Developer Communities

Keeping an eye on the groups that software developers are involved in is another of the greatest ways to find them. These consist of:

  • Open-source code archives such as GitHub and SourceForge
  • Forums like Facebook groups, Stack Overflow, Reddit (r/jobbit, r/techjobs), Y Combinator's Hacker News
  • Websites that offer coding challenges, such Coderbyte, TopCoder, and HackerRank
  • Public Slack channels for DevOps Chat and TechMasters
  • Advertise on Job Boards

Although it's a conventional method, you ought to devote more time and resources to reviewing resumes and cover letters. In addition, you will probably be required to pay the job board fees. However, you'll have access to a larger pool of well-known developers that are actively looking for work.

The most well-liked job boards are as follows:

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Jooble
  • Monster
  • Mashable

Consult a Recruiting Firm

The greatest option for a quick and high-quality hire is to work with a specialized agency. Before adding individuals to their talent pool, IT recruiting organizations thoroughly examine and assess their tech skills. You can save time and money by using it for tech skill evaluation.

Speak with Recent Graduates

You can find a junior developer looking for their first job for a starting pay if you don't need a senior developer on your team. What? These are your three options for reaching out:

  • Attend career fairs held by colleges and universities
  • Reach out to the career centers of educational institutions
  • Join forces with boot camps

Six Best Practices for Hiring Software Developers

1.   Establish unambiguous hiring criteria

In this manner, you'll be impartial regarding each candidate's fit. Additionally, you won't overlook testing a specific soft talent during an interview.

2.   Never Undervalue Soft Skills

  • Provide your prospect with an actual challenge to resolve
  • Talk about a moral conundrum that lacks a definitive solution
  •  Request samples of technical writing
  •  Plan a quick prescreen (5–10 minutes) with a staff member who isn't technical
  • Give the candidate some feedback and observe how they respond

3.   Keep the Interview Casual

Small talk is a good way to start an interview; keep the tone light throughout. The candidate will feel more at ease, and you'll be able to assess their personality and interpersonal abilities.

4.   Test Technical Proficiency

Talk in-depth about their contributions to open-source.

Assign a homework assignment that isn't overly complicated or easy.

Have a pair programming session while someone watches.

5.   Do not obsess over your academic background

An individual's ability to solve problems is not always enhanced by having a computer science degree.

6.   Ask Relevant Questions

Ask the following six questions during the interview:

1.    Could you briefly describe your most recent endeavor? What aspect of it did you find most difficult, and how did you overcome it?

2.    What was the most recent technical difficulty you encountered? How were things resolved?

3.  Could you guide me through an open-source project or code that's listed on your GitHub profile?

4. Could you provide an example of a scenario in which your code fell short of expectations? What insights did it give you?

5.   How do you keep abreast of the most recent developments in your field?

6.   How do you go about debugging and testing?


Hiring committed programmers who can deliver within the given period and have the necessary competence is a big investment for your company. The recruiting staff must use strategy and creativity to find the top developers. However, by following the advice in this article, you may create a comprehensive strategy for hiring software developers.