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Get Easy to understand coding examples with lots of examples of  JavaScript, Java, WordPress, C#, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, SQL, etc.

The latest technology news, software developments,Coding with insightful analysis that includes WordPress, software, JavaScript, Asp .Net, mobile apps, and personal technology, cybersecurity for businesses. Coding Tips for Developer.

The latest technology news, software developments with insightful analysis, includes WordPress,JavaScript, Asp .Net, mobile apps, wordpress.

Learn Dot Net Technologies like ASP.NET MVC, Web API, SQL Server, C#.NET, Design Patterns, SOLID Principles.

Maximizing Your App's Potential with Accurate Weather Forecasts from Weather API
04 May
In today's data-driven world, weather information is becoming increasingly important for businesses to make informed decisions, manage risks, and optimize their operations. In fact, weather data should be considered a valuable asset for more and more applications.

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The Most Important Things You Should Know About The .NET Framework
23 Mar
The development framework you choose for building your custom software determines its fate. This makes businesses spend more time brainstorming about the framework to choose. Since its launch in 2002, .NET has remained consistent in providing an impeccable platform for developers and businesses to build robust applications.

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How to Build a Multilingual WordPress Without a Plugin
20 Mar
This article will discuss how you create a multilingual website with WordPress and the difference between working translation services and using plugins.

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Secure, Convenient, and Cost-Effective: The Benefits of Telephone Entry Systems for Access Control
01 Mar
Telephone entry systems have become increasingly popular for providing secure and reliable access control in a variety of settings. These systems are used in residential buildings, offices, schools, and other facilities to restrict access and improve safety. In this article, we will discuss the key features of telephone entry systems, their benefits, and how they work.

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Mobile App Development: Tools and Best Practices for Building Cross-Platform Apps
28 Feb
The world of mobile app development has risen exponentially over the past decade due to the rise in the usage of smartphones and tablets.

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Email Security- Definition, Threats, Importance
17 Feb
Although WhatsApp and Signal have become popular mediums of communication within corporations, emails will always be the OG. If your business is also consistent with email chains, you must be aware of the risks that can come with emails and the security protocols you must instill within your system to protect the structural integrity of your business.

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What should you know about Human Design?
14 Feb
Human Design, a fusion of a range of disciplines and systems that combines conventional wisdom and cutting-edge technology, is one of the most complicated systems. The Human Design system is enormous in scope and contains over seven elements, including astrological, the kundalini, and even quantum theory.

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Cyberattacks in 2023: The five you need to know about
19 Jan
The face of cybersecurity is constantly changing. Ransomware attacks have seen a huge growth in recent years and 2022 has even seen the emergence of ransomware as a service.

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28 Dec
In a world where every activity has been digitalized, we cannot fully dwell on discussions about advancement in technology without mentioning Business process automation. But then, what does it entail?

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10 Recommended Cybersecurity Tips For Small Business
28 Dec
In this post, you’ll learn some tips related to the cybersecurity of small businesses. It’ll help you protect your systems, secure your client and customer data, and smoothen your business operations.

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How to Fix MS Access Error 3343?
22 Dec
MS Access users sometimes encounter errors while working on the application. One such error is the error 3343 that occurs when Microsoft Access does not recognize the database format. This error usually occurs when the frxque32.mdb file is corrupt.

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10 Tips for Growing a Successful Software Business
20 Dec
Running a successful software business is no easy feat. You have to be diligent, resourceful and patient. If you’re considering starting a company, here are some tips to help make sure your business is set up for success:

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Phases of Software Development Life Cycle
20 Dec
Normally, the process in software development is tedious and long. Nevertheless, the life cycles could be leveraged by systems analysts and project managers to outline, design, create, test, and deploy software solutions as well as information systems more regularly, more effectively, and with higher quality.

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Best Methods to Fix SQL Server Database Corruption Easily
19 Dec
Searching the ways to fix SQL server database corruption problem? Find out the best possible ways to deal with SQL server MDF file corruption problem easily.

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5 Reasons to Choose PHP for Web development
15 Dec
PHP is one of the most widely used and the most preferred programming language among developers to develop websites and web applications. Most of the websites that are online today are empowered by PHP.

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Practice of JavaScript Programming with CodeLobster IDE
21 May
JavaScript is the only programming language that is fully supported by browsers without the use of additional extensions.

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Why Should You Choose AngularJS for Your Next Frontend Development project?
15 Sep
Front-end development is responsible for enhancing the brand’s web interaction and visuals. And choosing the right framework can make a big difference. The ideal framework embraces benefits such as a streamlined development process, enhanced performance, security, scalability, and reliability.

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Explain About Major Components Of The .Net Framework
07 Sep
Excerpt: .Net Framework, a platform developed by Microsoft to build and execute Windows applications. It consists of Coding languages, developer tools, predefined library, and all the other components required to build an excellent website or application for a mass user base.

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CMS Vulnerabilities: Why are CMS platforms common hacking targets?
31 Aug
The CMS has been an excellent method that developers introduced to make the process of adding images and videos, uploading and downloading files, and storing them efficiently and automated for users of these platforms.

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