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If you are planning to buy ps4 but you don't know how much electricity does a ps4 use per hour? or How much electricity does an Xbox 360 use then this article is very useful for you.Here you can calculate Xbox one s power usage and ps4 pro power consumption easily.
Use the below Game console Tools to find out the power consumption and electricity cost, we roughly calculate that an average game console will consume about 80 watts (In case of Game console is used for gaming), and 2 to 3 watts when standby mode (when the Game console is off but plugged in).

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Select Country: Please choose Country from the  list. If your country is not listed then you can choose other country option from the list.
Power Use: Enter average energy consumption by your game console. If you don't know please check energy consumption list by game console given below.

Electricity Consumption of Game Consoles

Consumption of Nintendo Switch10-18
Consumption of PS4 Pro75-160
Consumption of PS4 Slim55-110
Consumption of PS490-150
Consumption of Xbox One X65-180
Consumption of Xbox One S35-90
Consumption of Xbox One70-120
Consumption of Wii U35
Consumption of PS3 Slim85
Consumption of PS3 Original190
Consumption of Xbox 360 S90
Consumption of Xbox 360 Original180
Consumption of Wii40

Electricity Usage of PS4

PS4 Standby10
PS4 Standby (Downloading)70
PS4 Idle on Menu90
PS4 Idle with Disc95
PS4 Blue-Ray95
PS4 Netflix93
PS4 Game Install115
PS4 Gaming130-150
PS4 Charging ControllerPlus 4 watts
source arstechnica
Now you can say that Nintendo consoles have the lowest Electricity power consumption.

Hours Used Per Day: Please  enter how many hours the game console is used on per day, if the energy consumption is smaller than 1 hour per day then please enter as a decimal(For example-15m per day is 0.25)

Cost (kWh): Please Enter the Approx price you are paying on per kilowatt hour(kWh).
You can find the exact cost on your electricity bill.

Now click the calculate button you can see the following values Electricity cost per day, Electricity cost per month electricity cost per year, Energy consumed per day, Energy consumed per month, Energy consumed per year.

Nowadays,The game console has become very popular. Today the game consoles have a great way of entertainment in homes.
Are you thinking of buying game consoles? but you don't know how much Electricity does a game console use? then don't worry we are providing you with free tools for calculating energy usage of the game console.

Do you know?
A game console is a video game device which is used in many homes, allowing home gamers to play games, video game consoles are smaller and movable which allow people to convey them and play them at any time or anywhere(i.e home, office, bus etc).
the first game console was released in 1972(The Magnavox Odyssey reference Wikipedia)
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