Joules to watts calculator

Input the energy in joules, time duration in seconds and click the Calculate button to obtain
energy in watts.

Input energy in joules: J
Input time in seconds: s
Power result (in watts): W

How to convert joules to watts?

Joules to watts calculation formula

P=The power P in watts (W)
E=The energy E in joules (J)
t=The time duration t in seconds (s):
P(in Watts) = E(in Joule) / t(seconds)
So that you can define power as
watt(w) = joule(j) / second(s)
Let's take an Example
Find out the power(P) consumption of an electrical circuit where energy(E) is 100 joules for time period of 5 seconds in the circuit
P(W) = 100J / 5s = 20W

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